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Patients get sicker as Texas refuses to cure them of deadly

Peyton Howell, 17, listens to his mother Theresa recount the emotional journey toward medical treatment of hepatitis C, a chronic liver infection he contracted in utero. Photo: Andrew B Church, Visual Journalist, Master "Over time, as the drug price has gone down, as the fear of everyone with a condition showing up to demand treatment hasn't exactly borne out ... you are seeing pretty much every state loosen some, many or all criteria." Alam, Peyton’s doctor, is one of those leading that push in Texas. Federal records show he was paid more than $220,000 by one hepatitis C drug maker, Gilead Sciences, and received nearly $27,000 from another, AbbVie, last year. National Public Radio first reported this week on payments from drug makers to doctors nationwide who advocated for Medicaid to cover their products. Related:  Lawmakers question state leaders, company executives over reported failures in Medicaid managed care program Alam said part of the money was for research and doesn’t affect his advocacy, or his decisions on patient care. “I choose the drug that is the most appropriate for the patient,” he said. Texas has loosened some restrictions for Medicaid patients, who include low-income children, mothers and adults with disabilities. They no longer need a prescription from a specialist, for example, which was a hurdle for people in rural areas. Still, Texas is one of roughly a dozen states that require Medicaid patients to have serious liver scarring to qualify for the drugs, according to a report by the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable and Harvard’s health policy center. The majority of Texas patients who don’t meet that criteria are denied, unless they have cancer or have had a liver transplant, physicians said. Lawsuits have forced some change.

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